Round Two, Week One T25

Here it is - week one of my second round of Focus T25 is done.  Kind of.  

This is the schedule as it is supposed to look.

My schedule looked a bit more like Monday-Wednesday were perfect, Thursday and Friday didn't happen.  Am I happy with this?  No.  Do I want to admit to it?  No.  Do I wish I could say I had a perfect week?  Yes.

But life got in the way and had me struggling to keep up.  Early in the week I found out a very good friend from college unexpectedly passed away.  This started the week out on a stressful note but I used that stress as fuel for the workouts.  Then later in the weekend I started coming down with a cold and just couldn't kick it.  Exhaustion set in and although I started my workout on Thursday, it was very clear in just a couple minutes that finishing the workout was not going to happen and, truthfully, it's a good thing I didn't push myself.  I was too tired to get through it and pushing myself that far would have just been the wrong decision. 

Friday was much the same and the weekend saw me at a hotel with my family, swimming, playing games and eating food I normally would not eat.  So all that added up to a gain of one pound this week.  Is it awesome?  No.  Is it the end of the world?  No.

Earlier today a challenger in one of my challenge groups posted this quote and it really has stuck with me:

"Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the 

quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again 


This was what I needed to hear and this is what I'm focusing on!  If you haven't had the greatest week, month or even year of workouts so far tell yourself that it is OK - but that you will do better starting now!  If you need extra help, I'm here to help you!  I have struggled, succeeded, momentarily failed and come back again - I have been up, down and all around the road to weight loss and I have found a tried and true system that works!  All it takes is support, dedication and a killer meal and workout plan - Beachbody has all that!

I'd love to hear how your story is going if you're willing to share!


Clean Eating Fish Packs

Now let me tell you something - I love to cook.  I also love to eat.  I also love to read, workout, blog, hang out with friends, watch Jimmy Fallon with my husband, clean the house (okay maybe not this one but it does have to get done) and go to bed at a decent hour.  Trust me, you don't wanna be around me if I haven't had enough sleep - I become a bit emotionally unstable.  

Easy Healthy Fish Recipe

What does any of this have to do with Clean Eating Fish Packs??  Well this is a new recipe that Jake and I tried out and wowza!!!  It's easy, cheap, yummy, clean, healthy ANNNND super fast to make.  That's honestly all I ask for in a meal.  (Unless, of course, someone else is making it.  Then it can be as time-consuming as they want.  But I still encourage speed!)  Making this recipe gives me enough time to do MORE of the other things I love to do besides cook, eat and clean!  It has found its way into our meal plan pretty often since we tried it out - and I think it'll stay there!

Easy Healthy Tilapia Recipe

The original recipe we made came from the "Hungry Girl to the Max" cookbook and I'm so glad we tried it out!  To be honest, though, it gave us a great starting point but we have altered the recipe (but just a bit).  In the original recipe it says to put lemon slices on the fish while cooking it.  For me this a) made it a bit too lemony and b) was annoying to slice the lemon and have to dig out the seeds (or eat them unknowlingly!)  
So we took their recipe and ran with it - and it's been great!  If you are looking for a cookbook, this is a great one to get - we have tried several recipes already and have enjoyed them for the most part - it's a win!

Anywho - here's how you make it!  The recipe below is for one fish pack - but of course it's simple to double!  You'll just end up with two packs - one for you, one to share (if you want to, that is...)

Easy Tilapia Recipe

I'd love to hear your thoughts if you try this recipe out!


Focus T25: Round Two Goals and Meal Plan

Yesterday I wrote about my experiences, successes and thought with Beachbody & Shaun T's program Focus T25.  It got me to 60 pounds of weight loss and it was a lot of fun.  So much fun, in fact, that I decided to give it another go!  So yesterday I started my second round of Focus T25!

You might be asking - what exactly is Focus T25?  Well let me tell ya!  Focus T25 (just T25 for short) is a workout program designed by Shaun T.  

Shaun T

T25 is broken into two segments: Alpha and Beta with an add-on Gamma segment for after you've completed the first two cycles.  I have not yet done Gamma, but my plan is to re-do Alpha & Beta rounds and move onto Gamma then.  Each workout is only 25 minutes a day.  There are no longer or shorter workouts - they're all 25 minutes (makes it much easier to plan!)  On the fifth day of your workout week (often Friday, though not always) you have a 'double day'.  This day has you do two workouts.  Many times people will break a double day into two separate days.  So, instead of a 5 day workout week you have a 6 day week.  It is non-stop movement through the 25 minutes, but just when you're getting to the point of breaking you look at the clock and there are less than 10 minutes left!  I love the speed of the workouts and I love that they are able to really kick my butt in such a short amount of time!

I'm a big fan of Shaun T programs and this one is no exception!  Now that I have completed one round of it I am even more excited to jump into it - though my goals have changed a bit this time!

Focus T25 Round Two

Now that I know how the program works, what the workouts are like and that I CAN do it, I will be focusing on my meal planning for the time through.  I feel like my meals kept me from getting even more results the last time, and I am determined to make them happen this time around!  

The last week of Beta round I stuck 100% to my meal plan, I spoke to my husband about how important it is to me and I drank plenty of water each day.  I truly think that all these things helped me finish the program at an awesome place - as well as start the second round at a great place!

Here is my meal plan for the first week as well as the first week's workout schedule:
Focus T25 Meal Plan

I haven't yet tried all of these recipes, but when I do I will be sure to do a blog post and share the good ones with you!  As you can see, my breakfast, afternoon snack and after-dinner snack don't change much.  I'm a creature of habit and it makes it much easier for me if I don't have to think too much about what I'm going to be eating - then I don't reach for the things I shouldn't be!  

Each meal has a mix of complex carbs and protein so they help my body kick start its metabolism as well as keeping it going for a long time after I'm done eating.  This is the base of Clean Eating and it is what makes it such a great way to meal plan!

T25 Alpha Week One Calendar

I can't wait to see what my results will be after this second time through!  I am using the "after" pictures and measurements that I shared yesterday for my "before" pictures for this round - they were only taken 2 days ago, after all :) 

Have you done T25?  Have you thought about it?  If you have any questions about the program, Shakeology or about being in my next challenge group, please let me know - that's what I'm here for!


Focus T25 - Woman's Results

Well as of yesterday I have done it!!!  I have completed my second Shaun T program (the first being Insanity, which I finished a year ago).  I am feeling a ton of different things about this program and the results I saw - I hardly know where to start!

T25 Woman's Results
Might as well start with a selfie, right??
For those who don't know, Focus T25 is a Beachbody program that was just released this past summer.  It gives awesome results without requiring a lot of time!  Whereas some programs have 45 minute, 60 minute or longer workouts, T25 only has 25 minutes that you have to dedicate.  It is a non-stop workout for those 25 minutes, but it's great to get done so quickly!  I know for me, and a lot of others, it is difficult to schedule out an hour or more for a workout somedays.  But 25 minutes anyone can do!  (Fridays can either be a double day of two 25 minute workouts, making it a 5-day a week program, or you can extend the double day out to Saturday and make it a 6-day a week program.)  Every week I decided how I would do that depending on my schedule - I like the flexibility!

While doing Focus T25 I got stronger than I ever have been (seriously, you should see my push-ups - I've never been able to do them so well before!) I also hit a lot of goals and saw numbers on the scale that I haven't seen for years!  I fell in love with the program which made it easy to stick to it.  Was I perfect?  No.  Will I ever be?  No.  Am I proud of what I did?  Absolutely!

Now, for those numbers...

Focus T25 Results

Focus T25 Alpha + Beta is a 10 week program, and I have to say that being down 10 pounds in 10 weeks is nothing to be ashamed of!!  The fact that I am also down over 9 inches around my body makes me ecstatic!!!

I honestly cannot tell you the last time that I was in the 180s - but here I am!  When I started on my weight loss journey I was at 249 pounds and being in the 100s seemed like an impossible dream.  But through the support of challenge groups, the incredible Beachbody programs and replacing one meal a day with Shakeology I can honestly say that I have not only transformed my body, I have transformed my life as well! 

When I first started on the path to losing weight, my coach asked me to take pictures and send them to her - and I dreaded it.  I did it, but I hated them. H.A.T.E.D. them.  I sent them and hid them on my computer.  Now I will show them to anyone who wants to see them - because I'm PROUD of the progress I have made!  Do I have a supermodel body?  No.  Are there things I'd still like to change?  Yes.  Am I happy with where I am because I know the work it took to get here?  You can bet your butt I am!

T25 Results

In these pictures I can see a difference!  Granted, 10 pounds  isn't going to completely change what I look like.  But I can see that my tummy is not sticking out nearly as far as it was, my back flab under my bra is almost gone and my shoulders are more well-defined.  All of these things I am HAPPY with!!! 

When I saw my ending weight after this first round of Focus T25 I seriously did a happy dance right then and there!   In my journey, weighing 189 does not just represent 10 pounds lost with Focus T25.  It also represents a total of 60 pounds lost.  60!  Imagine a stick of butter.  Now imagine 240 of them.  That is how much weight 60 pounds is!  That is CRAZY to me!!!   

Here I am from those very first pictures that I hated to today...

Beachbody Results

I wasn't planning on putting these pictures side-by-side, but after mentioning that first group of pictures I was curious to see the change - and I can honestly say that I can't even believe that I had been that size!!!  I couldn't help but tear up when I thought of how PROUD I am of her for making the decision to start, even though she was nervous. scared. ashamed. embarrassed. doubtful.

Starting tomorrow I will be re-starting Focus T25 over again to see what else I can get out of this program!  Alpha, Beta and then I'll be doing Gamma for the first time - I'm pumped!!!  

If you have been thinking about getting in shape but are afraid, nervous, doubtful or anything else, please let me know!  I would love to help you get started and share your journey with you.  If I hadn't taken that leap of faith I know I wouldn't be where I am today - what a difference a year can make!

Are you ready to see YOUR after picture?

Comment below with your email address or contact me through the program in the bottom right of this screen - I can't wait to hear from you!


We Can Have it All

I sat down to write this post and I'll be honest - I am drawing a blank! I am trying to share my thoughts, my words, my opinions and my feelings about what the Beachbody coaching opportunity has done for me and there is simply too much to type into one blog. I could go on for days!

Being a Beachbody coach has been the most exciting, rewarding and feel-good thing I have ever done. Although I have enjoyed my various places of employment and was a big fan of school, I never before have felt as personally enriched as I do with this business. To be a part of helping others is incredible - to be able to share their journey in getting healthy and celebrate their successes with them is the biggest joy!

The Dreamers and Doers

Being a Beachbody coach isn't about sales. It isn't about numbers, quotas or how much you can sell. To be a coach we do not have to be in perfect shape, we don't have to go door-to-door trying to sell things, heck we don't even have to change out of our sweatpants while working if we don't feel like it! It's not about being the best and it's not about vying for a promotion.

It is about helping people. It is about making the journey easier and more rewarding for our friends and family. It is about being there to support, encourage and motivate those around us. It is about putting our best foot forward, and knowing that if we ever falter we have a team of other coaches who are there to help! It is about creating friendships, living dreams and then dreaming bigger. 

Help Other People

The crazy thing is that we get paid to coach! We earn a second (or even first and only!) income by helping people live their dreams and hit their goals. The more we are able to pay it forward, the more successful we are - financially and otherwise! 

Imagine how your life could be changed and improved if you could remove one financial obligation - and then maybe two or three more! I can help you get there and I can teach you how to make a living off of helping people! Success CAN be yours - are you ready for it?

Beachbody Coaching

If you are ready and open to creating a business that is based on helping people improve their lives while also improving your own, fill out the application below!  I will get back to you as soon as possible (definitely within 24 hours!) to chat about the opportunity and how it could work for you!

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